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Chapter 13: Satsuki's house
Asaka opend her eyes she only saw red. something pulled her down she couldn't move so she couldnt get away. "aniki......." she was being pulled down by her ankles. her ankles were geting bruised it was very painful. she heard lauhging she tried reaching up. "someone......" she closed her eyes. "dont give up asaka, im here." sebastian held asaka. "aniki!" she was so happy that sebastian saved hrt dhe looked down. ganondorf tried to kill her. "aniki get us out of here" sebastian got her out of the blood tube. "woah sebastian????!!" said izaya. "what are you doing to my master you two?" shizou smiled. "we were just trying to help her in that tube." sebastian looked at them sucubus you are evil ones of ganondorf are you not?" their horns and tails can out. "your right..." they both said. "sweetie shall we?" "yes we shall izaya....." they charged at them. "aniki!!!?? get out of here!!!" sebastian did his pissed off smile. "oh, i will......."
he threw asaka into the roof to break then seciol
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Beautiful art by JazzyChanAnime!!!! :iconyasashii-akuma:yasashii-akuma 2 2
chapter 12: A LAB~!
shizou stared the elevator wjen izaya and asaka got in. "oooh~!? what's this??" izaya turned to asaka. "this is an elavador." asaka started jumping up and done. her boobs bounced all over the place then it hit shizou in the face. "da faq???!!" his glasses cracked then he pulled out another pair. "i cant beleive you guys kidnapped me mouuuuuu!" she crossed her arms and her furry ears went down as she huffed. "sorry but we need to help you beat ganon and everyone else." asaka sighed. "Aniki will be mad again, he hates when i come home late or if i never tell him where i am *sniff*" she stared crying then her nose started bleeding. "asaka???" 
she fell over and the blood wouldnt stop. "shiz!! do something!!!" shizou lifted asaka up then kicked through the door of the elevatot. "get her to a test tude!!!!!! hurry!" her blood was all over shizou and he was down right pissed but he deserves it. "shiz i got the tube open put her in. shizou through her and she fell into the tube. the wate
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Nosebleed :iconyasashii-akuma:yasashii-akuma 0 0 Sorry, busy with school!!! :iconyasashii-akuma:yasashii-akuma 0 0
Wolf Fang Blitz
chapter 11: action fights!
asaka was walking out of school when there at the gates was shizuo heiwajima and Izaya Orihara. "ah?! shizou-san and izaya-san?! why are you here??"
shizou frowned. "we thought you went missing you didn't come to work for 4 days, i though you got kidnapped or somethin again!" he grabbed asaka by her tail and tried her to her cafe. "shizou-san~~~???" izaya giggled like a little bitch.
then put her in the back seat of their car. "you are going to work now!!!" asaka sat up and stared out the care windoe. "GUYS?!" they locked the doors. "you get money taken off your pay." satsuki laughed. "let them bee girls." she said to sano and kuroki. "ok then." said sano.
"how long am i gonn work? shiz-san iza-kun?" izaya slammed hiis hand down. "your not going to work, we layed so no one would know about the upcominng war......." asaka gasped. "how do you know about this.?" izaya sniled "we are incubus so we know this studf" shizou laughed. "sweetie tell her more." he
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Episode 4 will be delayed for a while, iv been buzy w/ school :/
it's 60-85% done and jazzychane has been busy so she didn't finish the HEnshin foe Asakak yet
so im waitinh  on her!
but i will upload some preview freams and a channel preview!!
soooooooooooooo get readyyy \^0^/
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Asaka yasashii
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hello i am yasashii akuma i made wolf fang blitz wanna help me with my series? just note me you can be a voice actor. i am currently makine episode 4
i got 2 new friends~~~!!!!! :iconnothisispatrick8: and :iconjazzychananime:
my youtube -->…


:iconjazzychananime: :iconnothisispatrick8:


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